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Introductory ATCO Training & Assessments

Introductory training and aptitude assessments at Global ATS set the foundation for future air traffic controllers and assistants.

As certified FEAST administrators this test has already been trusted by 45 organisations in the UK to date. It gauges candidate potential for the ATCO role. Beyond FEAST, our in-depth aptitude assessments, guided by seasoned instructors, evaluate practical, theoretical, and communication aptitudes. For those aiming at supportive roles, our Assistant Course offers comprehensive insights into ATC functions, ensuring readiness for real-world scenarios.

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Questions About Our Introductory ATCO Training & Assessments?

If you're curious about the training process, assessment details, or any other facet of our introductory ATCO courses, we're here to help. Complete the form below, and our specialised team will provide the clarity you seek.