Premier ATC Training

The Global ATS campus at Gloucestershire Airport

Our UK CAA-approved ATC centre, based at Gloucestershire Airport and with access to nearby Gloucestershire College, offers immersive, hands-on training amidst real-world aircraft settings, enhancing learning and fostering genuine air traffic insights.

Simulation to stimulate learning

At the heart of our ATC training lies our state-of-the-art simulator suite. Powered by technology from our sister company, Micro Nav, these simulators are industry leading. Set in an air-conditioned environment, each session is tailored for maximum realism and immersion. Ergonomic seating assures trainees remain comfortable during intensive training, while individual console lighting provides optimal visibility. Dive into the most realistic scenarios and harness the industry-leading technology to build and refine trainee skills for real-world aviation challenges.

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Modern learning spaces

Modern, spacious, and designed for interactive learning, our classrooms are where theory meets practice. They come fully equipped with smartboards and projectors to aid visual and interactive learning. These spaces also feature panoramic views of the Gloucestershire Airport airfield, bridging students’ theoretical learning with the dynamic world of aviation outside.

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Your relaxation and study hub

Your comfort and well-being are paramount to us. The student lounge is a haven to relax, recharge, and even engage in some leisurely activities. Whether that be making a snack in the kitchen, or engaging with your fellow students. Need to catch up on some reading? There's a dedicated study area. For those lighter moments, enjoy a game of pool or grab a snack from the vending machine.

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An industry-leading training environment

Studying at GATS gives you access to excellent facilities at Gloucestershire College. Monitored by CCTV for security, the campus offers a diverse learning environment with multi-cultural students and shared common spaces. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, hot meals in the canteen, and a student common room equipped with microwaves, and kettles. Whether you're grabbing a quick snack or taking a moment to relax, you'll find all you need for a comfortable and productive study experience.

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Questions About Studying at GATS?

Discovering all that Global ATS has to offer is just the start of your journey. If you have questions regarding our campuses, facilities, technology, or student services that aren't addressed on our site, we're here to fill in the details. Reach out through the form below, and our team will provide you with the insights needed to envision your life as a GATS student.